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Standardizing inspection process and streamlining inspection tasks
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Quality inspection and testing software

At Winspect, we empower organizations to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex marketplace while minimizing their negative social, environmental and human impacts. We do this by developing web and mobile applications that streamline and simplify environmental, safety and quality management. Winspect’s software solutions help companies around the world ensure compliance, reduce risk and improve performance. We provide an inspection management software that simplifies compliance by managing your entire inspection program in one user-friendly system.

Winspect software streamlines all your inspection tasks: create forms and checklists, schedule inspections, record results and track corrective actions to completion. Gains complete visibility into inspection performance and manage inspection data in a secure, centralized system. Real-time reports summarize inspection information at a glance and configurable charts and graphs empower you to quickly identify trends. Standardizes your inspection reporting process and ensures consistent inspection data is recorded organization-wide by providing easy access to web-based inspection forms and checklists to users across departments, facilities, and locations.


Super Admin

Super admin is also known as “Administrator” who has the whole access to manage all modules in CPS Inspection Software.


Employees are the employees who use this online inspection software. Employees can be  Inspection Manager, Inspection Coordinator or Inspector.


Clients are the people who approach this software to do the inspections. Clients can be  Agents, Buyers or  Factories


Winspect is an independent inspection and testing software, offering inspection services for manufacturers, retailers, governments, insurance companies as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products. Winspect provides worldwide coordinated cargo inspection and testing services for high-value bulk commodity cargo during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations. 

Winspect provides services for the industries like Textile & Clothing, Accessories, Leather & Footwear, Toys & Hardlines, Home Furnishing & Furniture, Household Accessories, Luggage & Packaging, etc. We adopt a focused approach to all our assignments and maintains unbiased professionalism through high integrity, dedication and strict confidentiality. We have reaffirmed the trust of all our clients globally by successfully receiving 100% nominations from our clients.

A powerful and flexible Winspect software system helps manufacturing companies control and comply with the most stringent quality standards. We offer an extensive suite of tools and capabilities necessary to cost-effectively manage quality issues while streamlining manufacturing and business operations and facilitating collaboration

Advanced Product Quality Planning

Facilitates compliance to ISO requirements with complete tracking of all the information required for process documentation and definition.

Corrective Action Request 

Defines, manages, schedules, assigns, and tracks corrective action requests to help ensure compliance and meet customer-supplier requirements.

Cost of Quality

Cost of Quality module will help to drive tighter cost control by allowing manufacturers to see and eliminate poor quality and high production costs 

Material Review Board 

Tracks and maintains all non-conformances with electronic documents and detailed audit trails for raw materials, work in progress or finished goods.

Quality Audit

 Allows you to efficiently audit internal and external processes or a specific part of the process and uncover crucial areas for improvement. Using embedded workflow functionality, the Quality Audit module can audit processes with packing slips, products, suppliers and customer complaint forms and more.