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About US

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence is what wins championships”

                                                                                                                    — Michael Jordan


Velosit, founded by a group of customer-oriented technocrats with ample expertise in multiple domains capable of designing and delivering a wide range of software began from a mere website to large complex applications. Through all these years in business and prior to that working as a team – one thing has set us apart from the competition: our ability to add value to our customers’ businesses.

Being a custom software development company, Velosit successfully integrates entrepreneurial professionalism with social values and uncompromising integrity. We deliver innovative and expert level solutions to a spectrum of reputed clients globally. Our thrusts in knowing customers’ needs, effective conceiving, well defined operational processes coupled with an R&D culture in development are the pillars of Velosit’s growth. This approach enables us to reap a synergy that benefits our customers, partners, and team members.


Creating niche marketing through authentic and responsible solution
We pave the way for software technologies created with customer desires and satisfaction through an innovative way of coordinated work. We believe that enhancing control of customers’ business will help to achieve growth plans more secure and faster.

Our version

Futuristic & Reliable

The ability to innovate, confidence to build futuristic solutions, and desire to add immense value to our customers’ businesses are key qualities of Velosit.

Right Approach

An effective and well-defined business analysis process and a dab of intuition help us to constantly create and reinvent a new set of solutions.

Fully customizable

Committed to technology, innovation, and more to our valued customers, we believe competencies are the combination of complementary skills and knowledge bases embedded in a team.

Why Velosit ?

“Capability to deliver solutions every time”

Velosit’s solutions stem from a combination of innovative ideas, technical expertise, and hands-on project management skills to ensure that every assignment is fulfilled adhering to budget and time parameters, with ensured customer delight.

Every client’s needs are special and unique. Each project presents a different set of challenges, demanding solutions tailored to the unique aspects. Our drive to excel contributes to the delivery of high value-added solutions. The intimate and clear communication process and the ability to think with the customers’ lead to total customer satisfaction. We understand the client requirement easily and can prepare specification documents on our own if required.

We stay ahead by focusing on software services for the future. To stay competitive, we are equipped to produce creative designs and breakthrough technologies making our solutions state of the art and entirely original. These parameters ensure the successful delivery of the Velosit experience without fail and with the highest level of satisfaction.

We are destined to excel with quality standards at every stage