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Corporate Travel System

Effectively managing your organization’s business travel program
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Reinventing corporate travel scenario

Basic booking systems can’t keep up with the changes in corporate travel, but the online travel booking tool from Travaco can. We bring the entire process and all your data together in one place, so you can see and manage your corporate travel program your way. Travaco is committed to reinventing travel, expense, and invoice management with tools that simplify everyday processes and create better experiences. We solve big problems, small problems, and problems you didn’t know you had. 

We turn difficult into simple, make the unknown known, and put an end to tedious tasks. We are relentless in our pursuit of what’s possible as we continuously develop new ways to automate and integrate processes that use emerging technology. As part of a  larger family, and through our experience, expertise, and partnerships, our solutions help every business run it’s very best.


Travel Facilities

Helps employees book travel their way and stay in compliance with company travel and expense policy

Expense control

Automated, fast, and accurate expense reporting helps you improve productivity, compliance, and control overspend.

Simplified process

Simplify and accelerate the entire accounts payable process, from invoice capture to payment.


Travaco offers award-winning, web-based tools that give you greater visibility, insights, and capabilities as well as business travel tools that keep your traveling employees focused on the business of your company.To effectively manage your organization’s business travel program, you need travel management software and business travel tools that suit your employees’ travel needs and facilities all that is fulfilled by Travaco

Whether it’s taking advantage of post-booking price drops on hotels and airfares or getting an important message to your travelers, our innovative travel management system helps you discover new insights and possibilities. We can help you and your employees save money and time, delivering tangible value back to your organization. Travaco is the business travel tool you can’t do without.

With our corporate travel tools, you can turn your organization’s near real-time data into actionable insights to drive improvements to your travel program. With amazing flexibility and power, Travaco’s business intelligence platform lets you change your view from worldwide to country to business unit to traveler with just a few clicks.

Some of the things you can do with this award-winning corporate travel management tool include:

  • Travel approval process and workflow approval system
  • Managing travel booking engines and corporate travel schedule
  • Travel accounting system for either your office or your client
  • Create custom queries to customize business travel reporting information for your organization’s key stakeholders.
  • Compare your travel program to others with built-in benchmarking.
  • Review our recommended actions—based on your data—that can help you show even more value to your company.
  • Monitor travel policy compliance by comparing credit cards to booked travel data.
  • Identify travelers impacted by a disruption or crisis, with a simple, web-based tracking tool.