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Incorporating delivery workflows into a single application
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The hyper-local delivery solution

Qugeo, the local hyper delivery system is the next level for the e-commerce industry. This hyper delivery system is the one that connects the customers with marketing stores, in order to transform the shopping experience of the customers, revolutionizing the hyper delivery system on the various e-commerce platform.Whether your aim is to venture into a new market or expand your product/services to keep up with increased demand we help you manage and grow online business effortlessly.

With our and tech-enabled inventory management system we can increase your efficiency with optimized time and cost. We provide analytics to minimize the returns of goods and optimize the packaging to ensure the shipment is delivered economically. Quegeo has been crafted keeping the best features from top delivery tracking systems, delivery dispatch software, delivery driver apps etc to create a multivendor hyperlocal delivery management software solution.


Live consignment tracking

Qugeo’s API can be consumed by app/web portals/services to get the live location of their consignment.

Accurate Shipping Charges

The customer will experience fast delivery in lesser time and cost. Provides, shipping cost calculation from the seller’s origin.

Connect With Nearest Stores

Selecting the nearby seller will save both your money and time. The order will be at your doorsteps in no time.


The customer can easily locate the seller and their product to order products from them. Further, the customer can order products from the nearby seller with the help of the app on their devices. The app takes advantage of device-based features to provide an efficient app. This makes the buying and selling process more swift and advanced. We focus on working with retailers in organized and unorganized sectors, first and last mile of product distribution and improve the logistical cost efficiency.

Being the one-stop solution for reliable logistics and supply chain solutions for the e-commerce industry, we aim to deliver cost-effective, on-time and high-class logistic solutions implementing the latest technological innovations and industry expertise which provides a competitive advantage to take your business to a higher level and maximize your reach with the competitive shipping tariffs, automated process, and real-time tracking.

Some of the major features are listed below for providing a glimpse of what the app does:

  • Separate Seller Dashboard.
  • Buy from the nearest seller.
  • Quick delivery of the ordered product.
  • Current Location Selection.
  • Multiple address management via Address book.
  • Regular Push Notifications.
  • Mobile and Tablet device compatibility.
  • Optimized Shipping Charges.