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A complete bioinformatics tool for laboratory management
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The bioinformatics software tool

LimStar is a cloud-based lab information management system for Analytical and Quality Control Labs to manage the end to end operations – starting from sales functions to right up to reporting and invoicing. LimStar provides the best response to current needs and also capable to be adjusted promptly as your business needs change. LimStar software allows you to effectively manage samples and associated data. Additionally, you can produce reliable results more quickly and can track data from sequencing runs over time and across experiments to improve efficiency.

While advances in sequencing promise to shed light on our understanding of human health and disease, the right bioinformatics software tools and approaches are imperative. Data must be interoperable, quality must be infallible, and systems must be scalable. The LimStar software can help manage, analyze, and interpret the data. They are designed to adapt to changing technologies and defy geographical and functional boundaries that slow progress.


Informatics Infrastructure 

Greater insight into computational infrastructure requirements, automation, and building a framework that supports bioinformatics data sharing.

Experiment Management

Explore approaches for wet lab management, experimental design, and sample tracking hence facilitating smooth and seamless coordination.

Increased customer satisfaction

Understand your options for performing analysis after the on-instrument data processing is complete and the use of software tools can help make sense of all the data.


LimStar is a centralized workflow management solution to control the scientific test process management. It can effectively manage all operations from sample registration, price list, test methods, test process with multiple workflows, reporting, certificate generation, retention management, inventory management, invoicing, MIS, statutory compliance, Sales operations, etc. It is capable to integrate with test equipment via API, also modulated to sync with different test standards suited for countries or to regulatory organizations. 

Considerable manual effort can be saved with built-in result calculation, certificate generation with the benefit of added accuracy and efficiency. Reports can be generated using pre-defined, configurable templates. MIS helps to measure the productivity of an organization or lab or division or equipment or even that of an analyst which results in improving efficiency. Sample collection trip management, reminders, online access of certificates, reports, invoices are helpful for better customer satisfaction.

Although the primary purpose of a LimStar is to track and manage samples, it can do so much more. The striking features are:

  • Remainders and Alerts for tasks and delays
  • Realtime customer interface,Sales process management & Detailed pricing module
  • Lab operations workflows, Test management & Specifications and standards
  • Country/ Regulator Specific Reports & Automated report generation
  • Approval management, Retention & Stock Management
  • Reports & Certificates Repository, Automated Invoicing
  • Test Equipment Integration & Sample collection Scheduling
  • Inventory Management & Equipment Management